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De havilland’s second show

It is her second show and she’s obviously a star, I’m starting to think I know what I’m doing and so does Lolo..all kidding aside its nice to see some reward for all the hard work we put in, winning both first and second level qualifying classes with over 70%’s
Special thanks to all my friends and family for their help and support, you know who you are, too many to list.. Special props to those to helped at the show, couldn’t have done it with out you…
Also had great showing with Prism, owned by Diane Skvarla, who placed 4th in his second show at PSG! With score in 60’s.. He’s an FEI horse now! Congrats to Diane!
Next show in 3 weeks, the Markel east coast selection trials for more hard work and Fun!!!

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De Havilland first show

What a great first show for De Havilland aka Lolo!! She received qualifying scores for all her tests and won her 2nd level class Sunday , and got second on Saturday.. She was a true show horse.. Doing her job with grace and beauty and taking in her new environment with obedience and wonder.. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!!
And Prism rocked.. First time at PSG, first show in over two years, first show with me, he qualified for BLM’s in one ride!! Diane’s Swedish big boy was a star and showed his elegance and experience with style! Congrats to Diane and Katherine and of course Prism!! Thanks to ALL who helped! Especially Deb Paul who save us on Saturday with help from incredibly tight scheduling!! Way to go team KLM dressage!!


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Spring time

It’s time to update my page!! .. Spring is upon us in Maryland with summer like weather followed by cold rain and clouds.. Show at Morvan Park next weekend promises to be warm again.. It’s the first show for De Havilland and Prism will be debuting his first Prix St George! Pico the pony will be showing 4th level as well! De Havilland “Lolo” and I were away schooling for two days along with Debs’ fancy Sandro Hit/ Fein Brand mare .. I had a great time and fine tuned my rides.. Lolo is so much fun.. and Debs mare is making huge progress.. I felt like I had the fancy girls.. I DID ride the fancy girls..!
Dafoe is back to work after his “splints??!!”.. Yes, mister Dennis the Menace got free and had a sprint down the road!! Don’t ask.. He just wanted to get out of his piaffe and pirouette work!!

And mornings wouldn’t be complete with out driving miss Maggie !!! Enjoy!!

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De Havilland

Schooling De Havilland “Lolo” and preparing for our first show…


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End of winter at windy oaks

Videos with de Havilland aka Lolo.. Spring is coming and we are showing in may.. Can’t wait! .. Here’s some video on the new place I took on my cool down walk with Lolo

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Checking in 2012

With new phone in hand I have connected to my blog page.. About time.. Much has happened and I’ve been unable to access my computer..
With horses and the horse business being what it is, time is always short, and a drive 20 miles to a Starbucks to sit in work attire and write on my computer never won out to my steaming hot 6 foot bathtub.. Scrubbing the dirt and sweat off me, climbing into bed with Meisha, my cat, and Magnet my dog, was far more apropos..

And so a year has slipped by..
Last spring three wonderful new clients and their very cool horses came into my training.. They are pure pleasure to train.. German riding pony, Oldenburg mare and Swedish gelding.. Also the Rockstar left my life figuratively and literally.. I miss him still..

I didn’t get out to show, Lolo and Dafoe had setbacks and the season slipped by very quickly, much different timing than Los Angeles

And so the first blog is logged.. I will attempt to load some video, no promises , and write again soon.. Bruno Greber will be at Halls Choice Hanoverians this weekend and I will be riding Dafoe and possibly De Havilland. Dafoe is working the pi pa and pirouettes .. De Havilland, Lolo, is working on basic foundation work..

Talk care all and I’ll write soon

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